As the name suggests, we focus on great solutions not products. That is why we use a variety of current technologies to deliver a security system that best suits your circumstances.


Alarms, cameras, FogTech and Truck Vision are just the beginning.

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Alarms & Cameras

Security alarms, access control systems, CCTV & analytic systems customised to guard your property & protect your staff

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Designed to omit a dense fog when triggered, FogTech obscures the perpetrators view and immediately protects your property.  


Truck Vision

Truck Vision provides real time images and GPS data so you can see where and what is happening with your fleet, at any time. 

Security Surveillance


IDR Solutions was founded in 2003 by Paul Knight when he sought to use his electrical expertise to deliver intelligent, benefit packed security. 


Today, we strive to provide positive outcomes that exceed asset protection. Technological innovations allow us to deliver solutions that build client confidence, provide business efficiencies & are easy to use. We continue to explore emerging technologies to offer smarter ways of securing property. 


We enjoy challenging projects across a variety of sectors, so call today to see how we can improve your business security. 

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Vic Police Registered Electronic Security Provider 720-306-83S



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Solution Design

With over 25 years in the electrical & security industries, we have the expertise & creative flair to design a solution that best meets your security needs.

Camera Installation
Installation and Training

We understand that security is secondary to your core business. All works are completed with minimum interruption, regular status updates & closed out with 1:1 training.

Security Alarm
Ongoing Support

Feel supported with ongoing security advice, maintenance & upgrades as new technology develops, or your business needs change & grow. 

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